Time & Attendance

Effortlessly manage time off requests by simultaneously viewing all employee requests and PTO balances at the same time through our integrated calendar. 

With every time tracked down by minutes and time sheets that automatically sync with payroll, employee's eliminate any kind of payroll error due to any time mismatch.



We facilitate state and federal tax computations as well as electronic creation and filing of tax documents. Our platform allows for flexibility of correcting and editing payroll as needed.

Discover the components of our platform.

ACA Compliance

​​​Some of the most burdensome tasks small employers face are the constant administration of benefits and human resources. ​Even for the most seasoned HR professional, keeping abreast of benefit compliance rules as well as compensation and employment law has it's challenges.

With our all-in-one integrated HR Platform, all human resource functions (benefit enrollment and administration, employee on and off boarding, time and attendance, PTO, payroll, ACA compliance, HR administration) become streamlined, simplifying your HR functions in one easy to use, all-in-one platform.  Click on the Free Demo button and see for yourself.

Easily administer all facets of your employee benefits. No need to perform painstaking duplicate manual data-entries. Select from a wide-range of benefit plans and offerings.

HR & Benefit Administration

An All-In-One Platform

HR Management

Smoothly manage the intricacies of the Affordable Care Act.  ​Keep tract of employee benefit eligibility and coverage status. Instantly e-file forms with the IRS. 

Simplify hiring, on and off boarding, performance reviews, and employee records management in one centralized easy-to-use database. ​

Benefit Administration

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